Custom Printed Boxes

Whether you’re looking to us to design a custom print box using your own art or would like us to provide the die-line for your graphic design team to use, we will work with you to develop a gift that reflects your unique brand or campaign. A one or two-color combination tends to work best for this print method. Lithograph boxes with a full array of colors are available, or, when used creatively, the base color of the corrugated box (either white or kraft) actually functions like a free additional color. When ordering at volume (1,000+ units), these personalized gifts are surprisingly affordable. Shown in the image below are a few of our favorite custom prints.

Consistent Branding

Full customization that mirrors in-store marketing. The box is brandable from top to bottom and inside out.

Make a Statement

Create buzz in the breakroom with a box of treats your whole staff will make a beeline for.

All in the Details

We help you design the packaging to be uniquely your own, including pantone matching.

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