Holiday DIY Cookie Kit

August 3, 2019 | Other

Holiday DIY Cookie Kit

Very popular for holiday kick-off meetings, team building events, & celebrations.  We’ve seen the photos that employees post of their decorated cookies and they are works of edible art! Holding a meeting has never been so fun and engaging! 24 to 30 cookie counts available. Includes frosting ‘writing’ tubes.

Content Options: 24 large classic sugar cookies and two tubs of frosting in vanilla or chocolate, 6 decoration packets (mini M&Ms, jimmies, shredded coconut, cinnamon red hots, seasonal candy decorations such as snowflakes, candy canes or Christmas trees and colored sugar crystals), gel icing writing tubes in red, yellow, blue and green. Piece Count: 24-30

Quick Turn

Quick turn times once contest results are known. Same day for contests with a set quantity of winners.

Make It Your Own

Add logo napkins, plates or wooden logo ‘knives’.

Employee Engagement

An activity that builds employee engagement

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