Gifts That Build
Good Relationships

Holiday Contents

Candy Cane Crunch

Your favorite holiday chocolate confections.

Holiday Contents

Graham crackers with pictures on them
Branded Treats

Extend Your Brand!

One of our most-loved—and most Insta-worthy items—Insta-Grahams are Honey Maid graham crackers enrobed in delicious white chocolate. Insta-Grahams can be personalized with a photo or your brand’s logo printed in edible food coloring on frosting sheets.

Branded Contents

Sweets & Snacks

Great For Groups

From sweet cookies and chocolate confections to savory snack mixes, we have the right contents to please the whole team.

Sweets & Snacks

Old Navy Logo

We love working with Deb and Lucky You! Their commitment to delivering  high-quality amazing products to engage our store teams is only the beginning – Deb is an amazing thought partner, that brings creativity and innovation to each and every project. This has allowed us to truly transform our engagement programs and provide an experience for our teams that has been a game-changer!

Old Navy Store Ops
Sephora Logo

It’s been a joy working with Deborah and her team at Lucky You. We collaborated on custom gift baskets for our stores, and Deb is always quick to come to the table with thoughtful suggestions that fit our needs as well as our budget. Furthermore, her team provides frequent shipping updates and follow-ups to ensure that everything arrives in a timely manner. Her professionalism and passion shines through in all that she does, and I would highly recommend picking Lucky You for your next corporate project.

Sephora Marketing / Loyalty
Green Impressions Landscaping Logo

Keeping at the top of our client’s mind is an essential part of doing business for our company. Recurring revenue for maintenance and enhancements make up a large portion of our business. Lucky You’s logo cookies allow us to stay top of mind to our clients in a unique, fun way helping to drive more recurring business.

Green Impressions Landscaping

Customizable Confections

Holiday Ideas

Virtual Meetings & Holiday Parties

We love meeting gifts that set the vibe for the holiday season.  A few of our favorites are…

Shortbread cookies customized