Where to Begin

Please fill out a request for information at our Contact Us page or call our offices at 619-450-6700. Do not be afraid to share your budget with us! We will always give you the most for your money and telling us your budget and what’s important to you about the gift will direct us to the best solutions for your project.

Logo and Art Specs

For quality printing of your graphics, please submit original PDF, EPS, TIF or AI vector-formatted art files. In general, any image saved off the internet is not useable with our templates as the image quality is too low to print crisply and editing possibilities are limited. BMP and PNG file types are best avoided.

If your company is submitting print-ready art, your Lucky You account manager will send you our templates for the correct gift label, tag or printed gift box for use by your graphic designers.

If our team is creating art for your project, we will send a draft PDF for your review. Up to 3 revisions are included with no additional charge.

Files sizes over 10MBs will need to be compressed and sent (with access permission of your file) via Drop Box, We Send, or Google Shared Drive.

When ordering private label baked cookies from our web store, only jpg and png file formats are accepted with 750 x 750 pixels or higher. Specific details available when ordering.

Rush Orders

We pride ourselves on large-scale, quick turns of custom orders. Supply chain issues have made rush orders trickier than ever before and sometimes limit the options. Please contact us sooner rather than later. If it is already later, still contact us.

All custom orders with less than 4 weeks between order date and ship date are considered Rush Orders.


For Online Orders:

Include shipping via ground service in their price. Online orders ship the next business day (M-F) after being ordered. Packages deliver between 1 and 3 business days, not including the day they ship out.

Example 1: Order placed Monday will ship Tuesday and may deliver Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of the same week.

Example 2: The order placed Thursday will ship Friday. Saturday & Sunday don’t count as business days so this package will be delivered Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of the following week.

For Large Volume Custom Orders:

We ship UPS, FedEx, or by pallet-ready truckloads. We don’t mark up from the carrier’s rates and are happy to add the charges to your final invoice. We can also bill your shipment 3rd party to your company’s UPS or FedEx account and include a reference name or cost-center number on each shipping label. We can sort your address file by transit day & stagger the ship dates for simultaneous delivery to all locations via ground service. Shipments to Canada containing food must ship on our UPS account number to leverage our Canadian food license.

International Shipping

For Online Order:

International Shipping is not available.

For Large Volume Custom Orders:

International shipping is available to Canada, Puerto Rico & Guam.

Gifts containing food must ship on our UPS account to utilize our Canadian Food License. All costs including brokerage, duties, taxes, transportation and address corrections are billed in addition to cost of gift.

Gifts without food are billed 3rd party to clients’ UPS or FedEx accounts.

Order Tracking

For Online Orders:

You will be emailed a tracking number when your order ships.

For Large Volume Custom Orders:

We track the delivery progress of large shipments and email status updates to you. Working directly with UPS and FedEx and our clients, we can often quickly resolve any delivery exceptions before they become a problem. For orders of 25 or less, a file with tracking numbers are provided for client use.

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