Top 5 Custom OREO® Designs for Your Corporate Gifts: Impress Your Clients with Personalized Cookies

Custom OREO Designs

Custom OREO® cookies are a fun and unique way to impress your employees and clients and do something special that they’ll remember. With a variety of design options available, we can help you to customize  to match your brand, milestone event, theme, company values or special thank you message. Here are the top 5 custom Oreo™ designs for your corporate gifts:


Logo: Adding your company logo to an Oreo™ can be a simple and effective way to promote your brand. We use real OREO cookies and you can choose between white or dark chocolate confection for the cookie coating. 


Custom Photo OREOs: Adding a photo of the recipient is a great way to personalize the gift. All of our chocolate coated custom OREOs are individually wrapped to ensure they’re extra safe… especially post pandy.


Seasonal Designs: Our chocolate covered OREOs can be designed to feature any season or holiday. From Christmas trees to hearts for Valentine's Day, there are endless possibilities for seasonal designs. We have beautiful options ready to go….or submit your own for an extra custom branded look.


Sports-Themed OREOs: Sports fans will love custom Oreos™ designed with their favorite team's colors. They’ll be a hit at your next event – I’m telling ya.. they are so freakin’ good. I work here and I still can’t get enough.


Patterned OREOs: Use elements of your company branding to mix and match colors and patterns in the same gift. From polka dots to stripes, there are countless options for a unique and eye-catching design to compliment your next big gift box or roll-out strategy.


Custom chocolate enrobed OREOs by Lucky You are a delicious and creative way to impress your clients with personalized corporate gifts. With so many design options available, you can customize your OREO cookies to match your brand or event theme however you like!