How to Use Custom Branded Scratchers in the Workplace

Custom Branded Scratchers

Contests and promotions are a great way to boost employee engagement and morale in the workplace.
Whether you're looking to reward your employees for a job well done, or simply want to create a fun
and competitive atmosphere on the sales floor, custom scratchers can be a great choice for contest
prizes. Branding them for your company or your product launch is a great way to create a memorable
and engaging contest experience for your employees. Here are some of the reasons we love them and
our clients do too!

1. Custom Scratchers Build Excitement

One of the main benefits of using custom scratchers for contest prizes at work is that they build
excitement and anticipation. When your employees know that there is a chance to win a prize, they are
more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work.

Custom scratchers can be designed with your company logo or branding, creating a sense of ownership and pride among your employees. By including a variety of prizes and rewards, you can create a sense of
competition and encourage employees to work harder and be more productive.

2. Custom Scratchers are Versatile

Custom scratchers can be designed to fit any type of contest or promotion. You can create scratchers
that offer a chance to win prizes or entry into a larger contest or raffle. You can also use scratchers as a
way to distribute discount codes or other promotional offers.

With custom scratchers, you have the flexibility to design a contest that fits your company's unique
needs and goals. You can create a contest that rewards employees for meeting specific goals or targets,
or use scratchers as a way to encourage participation in company events or activities.

3. Custom Scratchers Offer Instant Gratification

Another benefit of using custom scratchers for contest prizes at work is that they offer instant
gratification. When employees scratch off their tickets, they immediately know whether they've won a
prize or not. This instant win can be a powerful motivator and can help to boost employee morale and
engagement. The best contests we’ve seen let every card be a winner. Our favorite way to do this is to
send with a jar of chocolate covered OREO cookies. Instead of a ‘try again’ message, your employees
read “Enjoy a chocolate covered OREO cookie & try again!’. Talk about boosting workplace morale!

4. Custom Scratchers are Affordable

Finally, custom scratchers are an affordable option for contest prizes at work. With custom scratchers,
you can choose the number of prizes you want to offer and the value of each prize, allowing you to
create a contest that fits within your budget. We have created scratchers with large budgets, with iPads
as a grand prize and scratchers on a low budget, such as take an extra 5 minutes on break or choose
your days off next week.

5. Scratchers are Customizable

Scratchers can be fully customized to suit your event and branding. We have created scratchers with
the scratch off in the shape of a flip flop, scratchers with 3 chances to win and scratchers with gold or
silver scratch off material. You can choose whichever size or shape of card too!

By using custom scratchers to create a fun and competitive atmosphere at work, you can boost
employee morale, increase engagement, and create a positive and productive work environment.