Branded Cookies as a Marketing Strategy

Branded cookies

In a world with countless marketing strategies, this one stands out as the most delicious. Branded cookies are a visually appealing and crowd-pleasing way to promote your business or marketing incentive. Lucky You has 5 types of branded cookies and we take a closer look at each type of cookie and their benefits below.

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1. Sprinkled Cookies: These cookies are eye-catching and one of the less expensive options. Using colors that match your corporate branding, we can customize with decorettes mixed into our sugar cookie dough and baked or by sprinkling non-pareils and quins on top of white or dark chocolate OREOs. The colorful sprinkles add a fun and festive touch to the cookies, making them visually appealing. When sent inside a branded gift container, sprinkled cookies bring the whole look together. 

2. Private Labeled Baked Cookies: Private labeling on baked cookies is a popular choice. These cookies can be produced quickly, making them suitable for rush orders and high-volume needs. The label size is a wide 2.5" diameter, ensuring that your logo will be prominently displayed. With a variety of flavors available, there is something to suit everyone's taste. All of our baked cookies are made with 100% butter and do not contain any artificial preservatives. To see all our Cookie Flavor Guide, click here.

3. Logo OREO Cookies: Logo OREO cookies are a best-seller due to the irresistible combination of OREO cookies and chocolate. The OREO cookies are coated in either white or dark chocolate and then your logo or graphic image is printed using food coloring. These cookies are loved by many, and adding your branding to them creates a doubly delicious way to showcase your brand. However, it's worth noting that these cookies are sensitive to heat and are best shipped between late October and early April. During warmer months, additional precautions such as ice packs and expedited shipping are required.

4. Stamped Logo Sugar Shortbread Cookies: These cookies offer a classic and elegant way to display your branding. This cookie has the longest shelf life among all the baked cookies offered. However, intricate logo designs may not work well with this type of dough. Initials and bold font types are the best choices for this type of cookie.

5. Iced Meringue Frosted Cookies: Our most elegant cookie! Frosted with a meringue frosting that hardens as it dries, resulting in an extra-long shelf life. The base cookie is made with our sugar shortbread dough, which already has a long shelf life. Your branding can be printed on the icing using edible ink, allowing for colorful and eye-catching designs. However, please note that custom meringue frosting logo cookies require several steps and days to make, so rush orders are not possible for this branded cookie.

All of our branded cookies are individually machine-wrapped, making them convenient for clients and employees to take and enjoy. People love cookies, so using them as a marketing tool creates a sense of happiness and positivity around your brand or incentive. That makes you one sharp cookie!