Meeting Gifts

Meeting Gifts

Meeting Gifts

Regardless of where your team gathers, Lucky You Gifts is equipped to curate gifts that leave a lasting impression. From shipping individual gifts directly to homes to ensuring a warm welcome for your team members on work trips, we've got you covered. In the dynamic landscape of today's corporate world, meetings happen in various settings. Our flexibility extends beyond traditional boardrooms to accommodate the needs of remote employees working from home. We ship across the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Remote Meetings

The advantage to a well curated meeting gift is that remote employees feel seen even if they are not meeting in the office. The right gift builds a team culture and camaraderie. It's a thoughtful touch that bridges the physical gap, making every team member feel appreciated and connected. You can even make it interactive by including a golden ticket to announce your grand prize winner, Willy Wonka style lived during the meeting. 

Packaging and Branding

Each gift is thoughtfully branded to align with your company's identity and the specific event. Packaging may be functional, recyclable or chosen to travel well. One popular and practical choice is custom branded backpacks. These backpacks become more than just packaging, as they can continue to be used and serve as a lasting reminder of the event and your company's
thoughtful gesture.

Inside the gift, you can further customize the confections, such as our white chocolate logo OREOs or in-house cookies and chocolates stamped with your brand. Whether it's a product launch, team-building event, or an important client meeting, these treats can be tailored to match the theme and purpose of the gathering. From exterior to interior, we will embrace your brand and company’s aesthetic.

Welcome Gifts

Frequent work-related travel is a reality for many professionals. Lucky You Gifts takes the hassle out of ensuring your team feels appreciated even when on the move. We can ship meeting gifts directly to hotels, creating a warm welcome for employees. First impressions matter, especially when welcoming employees or clients to a corporate event. Our welcome gifts are designed to set the tone right from the beginning. From a hiking retreat to a program launch, these are
more than hotel snacks, they are a work culture.


Want to keep it simple? Try stocking your next office meeting with our wide variety of snacks, ranging from sweet to savory. You choose what snacks you want at the meeting, and we will take care of the rest. We can also include beverages such as Starbucks espresso cans or mini sodas.