Countdown Calendars

Countdown Calendars

Countdown Calendars  

Whether your company is gearing up for a major corporate event or looking to infuse a touch of sweetness into the holiday season, our Countdown Calendars are the ideal way to make every day leading up to an event special. Countdown Calendars give everyone something positive to look forward to, and they help build anticipation for big events such as product launches and sales contests.  

Year-Round Options 

Traditionally known as Advent Calendars, our Countdown Calendars aren't limited to December festivities. They're a versatile tool for companies to build excitement around any upcoming event. Imagine the thrill of counting down to the launch of a new rewards program or a special company milestone. Our calendars are a delightful way to engage your team, fostering a sense of unity and shared anticipation. 

Merry and Bright  

During the holiday season, Lucky You offers a special Chocolate OREO Advent Calendar. It has 24 days of chocolatey cheer! Each day unveils a different treat, including favorites like our Candy Cane Crunch OREOs. It's a daily dose of joy that combines the magical feeling of the season with our delicious chocolate enrobed OREO cookies. 


What sets our Countdown Calendars apart is the ability to print the calendar with your graphics, not ours, change the number of days in the countdown and change the surprises inside, too. This isn’t co-branding. We bring your brand standards to life. We understand that every company has its own story and brand identity. Add your logo, your fonts, your seasonal graphics, choose colors that resonate with your company's palette, and make this delightful countdown truly yours. The personalization ensures that the Countdown Calendar becomes more than just a countdown—it becomes a symbol of appreciation for employees' contributions. The daily surprises within the calendar may be tailored to your event. Our chocolate enrobed OREOs may be branded with an edible logo or be swapped for a company pin, iron-on patch or custom branded candy.  

We recommend a minimum order quantity of 1,000 for best pricing, though we do custom printing of Countdown Calendars as low as 500 units and custom contents at 300 units with our Merry & Bright Calendar.