Holiday Early Order Discounts

Holiday Early Order Discounts

Holiday Early Order Discounts

The best deal we offer all year has arrived! This program maximizes your budget, secures your delivery date and ensures your choice of preferred contents.

Our Holiday Early Order Discount program is designed with your budget in mind and its’ purpose is to make every dollar count. Since these discounts are in addition to our standard volume discounts, for your large volume orders this can mean savings as high as 20%. For orders that would not usually qualify for a volume discount, this is your opportunity to save. Think of it like adding 9%,7%, or 5% to your purchasing power. By maximizing your budget, you maximize your employee appreciation. More savings = more of our Candy Cane Crunch OREOs!

Read on to learn how to use our program to elevate your holiday gifting game!

Three Tiers of Discounts

To further sweeten the deal, we have three tiers of discounts that offer incredible savings when combined with your volume discounts. Please keep in mind, this program is only available until our production is at capacity, meaning we may close the program before we even reach the third tier in October. 

  1. Order by August 24th: Receive our biggest deal of the year—a jaw-dropping additional 9% plus your volume discounts. This is the ultimate opportunity to maximize your budget and make the most of your holiday gifting.
  2. Order by September 14th: Enjoy an additional 7% plus your volume discounts when you secure your order by this date. It's a chance to save big while ensuring your holiday gifts are well on their way.
  3. Order by October 5th: This is the final chance to save an additional 5%. However, for the past two years we have had to end the program before this date due to our production schedule reaching capacity.

For more information about our volume discounts please click here.

Preferred Delivery Dates

Timing is everything, especially during the holiday season. When you participate in our Holiday Early Order Discount program, you'll be able to choose a preferred delivery date that aligns perfectly with your schedule. Our orders will reach capacity for the holiday season so ordering early ensures you will make it onto our production schedule exactly when you want to be. No last-minute rushes, no worries—just a smooth and timely delivery that ensures your gifts are ready to spread holiday cheer.

Curate Your Perfect Holiday Gift

Every team is unique, and so are their preferences. Ordering early allows us to work closely with you to curate the perfect holiday gifts that resonate with your team's tastes and values. Whether it's our best-selling Candy Cane Crunch OREOs, personalized items, or a combination that reflects your company's identity, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Reserve Your Savings Today

What’s required to secure your order:

  • a 50% deposit is required by each tier’s end date.
  • A signed quote or Purchase Order

The holiday season is a time of generosity, and that includes treating your employees to gifts that make them feel recognized. With our Holiday Early Order Discount program, you're not only saving money, your planning becomes an extension of your appreciation with your increased purchasing power. Ordering early saves big and allows you to send the best gift for your budget. Secure your place on our holiday production schedule by contacting us today. Make this holiday season one to remember, with Lucky You Gifts by your side.