Fill the Fridge!

Fill the Fridge!

Introducing Fill the Fridge! At Lucky You Gifts, we understand the value of a well-stocked breakroom. It's the heart of your workplace, a space where employees recharge, refuel, and connect. This corporate gift option is a great way to provide a customized variety of different snacks for busy breakrooms. Perfect for big sale days and the holiday season, Fill the Fridge is a gift for your employees and for your company management. 

What Sets This Gift Apart

Fill the Fridge allows companies to stock up their breakrooms without having to leave the store. For employees, this means saving time and avoiding long mall food lines. This allows employees to spend their break resting and refueling. 

Boosting morale and employee appreciation, Fill the Fridge provides company-wide consistency, allowing all stores to be stocked the same without relying on store managers to find time in their busy schedule to buy the snacks themselves. For management, this means decreasing the risk of a car accident on company time and labor law infringement. This gives management the ability to focus on running the store rather than running errands. With these gifts, every store can enjoy the same level of convenience and variety, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation among employees.


We offer three different versions of Fill the Fridge: Max Variety, Max Snacks, and Max Choice. Read on to learn the advantages of each style.

Max Variety

This option has something for everyone –  sweets, savories, bars, and beverages, like Starbucks espresso cans or mini 7.5 oz sodas, perfectly sized for those well-deserved  break times. Enjoy fun and familiar brands or Lucky You in-house products such as our baked cookies, trail mix, or popcorn. Whether your team craves sweet indulgences like OREOs or energy-packed protein bars, Max Variety ensures everyone is happy.

Max Snacks

This is all about maximizing your piece counts. We send full cases of snacks, ensuring your breakroom stays abundantly supplied. This is a great holiday gift option, when the malls are especially crowded and there is no time to worry about snacks.

Max Choice

Store managers gain access to a dedicated private website store where they have the freedom to handpick the products that resonate best with their specific store. This thoughtful approach ensures that your employees' unique preferences are satisfied. Gifts are prepaid, so there is no need for managers to file for reimbursement.


Fill the Fridge is your secret weapon to ensure your breakroom stays energized without the hassle or cost of leaving the store. At Lucky You, we never markup the cost of shipping. We track each package and provide updates to you along the way, making sure every package is delivered.

Shipping may bill third party on your company account with FedEx or UPS, be palletized and sent to your distribution center or ship on our UPS account. And don’t worry, we have your Canadian stores covered, too. We have successfully been shipping snacks to Canada for over 20 years!